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My name is Simon Townsend and I am co-founder, with my wife Kaori, in the opening and development of English Campus which began in 2012. I am from Brisbane City on the east coast of Australia, and I came to Japan around 20 years ago to experience Japanese culture and work as a teacher. As a teacher, and a researcher in Education, I believe English communication and language education important for the future of world relations. In addition, with a background in technology, I also believe that the implementation of technology in education is an important factor in the future of world progress and global development.

I would like to introduce you to English Campus and also invite you to consider courses in English, Robot and Programming, Science and Mathematics. Additional subjects in English grammar, including test taking in Eiken and TOEICc are available, as well as Japanese lessons.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our schools, and talk to our staff about lesson information, our classes and teaching methods.We also invite you to join our free sales demonstration program for any of our courses.

Thank you!

Simon Townsend

B. Arts (Teaching); Dip. Network Education; Master TOEIC/TOEFL

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 Elementary | JHS and HS | University |

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