Science Gates


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Program Theme: Familiar Things

Age: From 5 years old to the lower grades of elementary school. The course is set for up to 3 years from beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

Outline: As an inportant part of STEM education Science Gates aims to foster children’s creativity not only from knowledge but also by providing various learning experiences, such as doing science expereiments in class.In addition, students experience a wide range of fields such as “physics”, “chemistry”, “biology”, “earth science”, and “engineering” in this education course. The benefits for learners are:

  • allows students to discover interestes in various fields of science
  • students learn through real-life ideas and cocnepts around them
  • develop a foundation of science concepts and principles
  • a childhood-specific science classes easily demonstrates difficult science content using experiemnts, and science videos
  • hands on and enjoyable – each student conducts expereiments